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I got this trans used from a Nextel Cup team.  Ratios are very similar to a T56 1-4 gears, 2.70, 1.78, 1.28, and 1.0

The Jerico is a full race transmission with dog rings and straight cut gears and has over 200 ratios available.  The dog rings allow for clutchless shifting and the straight cut gears make cool sounds.  For more info see 

Here's some info on the mass:

Tranny with shifter 85
Bellhousing 7.5
Flywheel - GM Cast 15
clutch 23



The 700R4 that I pulled out was quite a bit heavier that I thought it would be. 

transmission (full of fluid) 141
converter (full of fluid) 46
shifter 2.5
kick down cable 0.75
shift cable 0.75
Total 191


Here's some T56 info (from an internet source) just for comparison:

Tranny (w/shifter, fork, and sensors, no fluid, no bellhousing) 126
Bellhousing 6
Flywheel (I was told it's a lighter LT4 flywheel, but I can't confirm) 18.5
Spec Stage III clutch (disc AND pressure plate) 18.5
Total 169



Them's dog rings and straight cut gears :-) Nasty

Room to fit 3" exhaust over the x-member on both sides- future project :)  That will be great for ground clearance

Normally there are 1" spacers between the tailhousing and 1/2" aluminum shifter plate.  To gain clearance with the tunnel I replaced the 1" spacers with 0.25". 

Also the floor on the left side of the picture had to be hammered out with with a ball peen to fit the linkage.  It probably need to move about 3/4" in the worst spot.   


The cross member you see above is from a 82-83 T10.  It's the only 3rd gen that used the wider crossmember that uses the front 2 bolts on the sub-frame.  I removed the original mount and welded in the piece you see there in the middle and had the slot milled in.  This will allowed me to use a typically urethane trans mount.  
Beneath the shiny outside heat shield surface is Kevlar.  The two pieces you see above were originally one piece that I got off ebay (originally from a Nascar team).  I brought the piece to a upholstery shop to have it cut and re-stitched up in the shapes you see above.  I was initially concerned that it might not be real Kevlar, but the upholstery shop dulled 3 pairs of shears cutting it, so I wasn't so worried anymore.

I attached it to the floor using aluminum rivets and stainless washers.  

Below, some pictures of the Wilwood MC and the bracket/box I had to make.  Although it looks simple and straight forward it took many many iterations of trial and error to get this right.  If I were to start over I'd consider using a C4 Corvette 4+3 bellhousing and MC / slave cyliner hydraulic system instead of the Hydraulic Throw out bearing and Wilwood master cylinder.  It might have saved me a lot of time and frustration. 
I had some ECM issues since it wasn't getting a VSS (vehicle speed sensor) signal.  So I got on and my friends there helped me out.  This is the thread here: Adding a VSS to a Jerico Trans.  Below are some pictures of the VSS
Above: I bent a piece of 0.250" Al plate to fit the contour of tail housing, brought it to a welding shop to have it welded in place.  Then brought it to my machine shop and had the top milled flat and drilled and tapped.
The reluctor ring above came from .  I needed the larger of the 2 rings that they offer to fit over the 32T output shaft.  The inside needed opened up a bit on the lathe to slip over the spline that is used for the Jerico "oil pump option".  Some shim stock was needed to get the "clamp" part just right.
In addition to the hardware shown above I had to wire the VSS into a DRAC (Digital Ratio Analog Controller, I think) which came from a 90's chevy truck.  The DRAC has multiple outputs, one of which goes to the ECM.  I'll add another output when I put in my Autometer Speedometer.  
More details of the Jerico install can be found here Jerico in a 3rd Gen



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